Karate blackbelt, Ellis Quinton, getting ready to start his BA Journalism course at high-achieving Nottingham Trent University

A teenager from Burton is looking to move-up in the world, moving to Nottingham to study at university.

Ellis Quinton, 17, heads to Nottingham Trent University in September 2022 to begin his BA in Journalism.

Alongside this he is a second degree karate blackbelt. Quite the contrast.

As a blackbelt in one of the most exciting martial-arts in the world, Ellis is near the top of his sport.

Coming from Burton, Ellis’ karate skills make him stand-out from the crowd in the Staffordshire market town.

While Nottingham itself is an appealing city, it is the University that has drawn Ellis to the city.

Not far from his hometown, Nottingham has always been an appealing option for Ellis, but it is the city environment that attracts him the most.

The bustling, night-life based, buzz of Nottingham is very different from the quiet surrounds of Burton.

But, the BA Journalism course is also very appealing to Ellis.

The course’s NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists) accreditation is a key reason why Ellis has chosen Nottingham Trent over the other university offerings.

Although, his university studies will take up a lot of Ellis’ time, he will not be giving up his love and successes in karate.