Dad jokes: notorious for their cringe-inducing punchlines and worldwide humiliation of children; yet for Tara Alkattan (17) her father’s practical joke left her feeling far more than just second-hand embarrassment.

Aged only 15-years-old, Tara had just braved the 6-hour flight from the UK to Kuwait for the first time solo, however, to her dismay, she was then met but not only her father, but police also. She was left in “complete horror” as she was painstakingly notified that there had been a problem with her visa, and that she was to travel home immediately.

In a shocking turn of events, her father revealed to Tara that this was all a joke, leaving the young girl unsure of whether to laugh or cry.

Looking back at the situation, Tara believes that “she should have realised” due her father’s usual antics and bold sense of humour. However, she does also add that he was “overly apologetic” and did feel “awful” when his practical joke was met by floods of tears.