Basketball referee and point guard for the Bucks Hornets, Jordan Collins is a proper ‘baller; here’s the lowdown of his fascinating story in the game.

A world away from the bright lights of the NBA, you might not expect to find a base for basketball – one of America’s most lucrative sports, but somehow yet to take flight in the UK – in leafy Buckinghamshire. Jordan and his team are here to prove you wrong.

Collins, 18, is a resident of Chalfont St Giles, a large village just outside the Chilterns, and attends Chesham Grammar School. Beyond his A-Level subjects of Psychology, Sociology and English Literature, however, the kid’s got game, and has been defying the odds in pursuing the sport that captivated him from a young age.

“I started aged 10 at club level, but the only team they had was under-14s. Everyone was obviously yet to hit puberty but they were much bigger and stronger than me – once I remember I was able to dribble myself straight through someone’s legs. It was a definitely big step up.”

Now competing at adult level against men up to twice his age, Jordan’s looking to continue his basketball at NTU – and use that grounding in his journalism as well, in which he’s sure to have an exciting future.